Murals and History Tours in Buffalo, NY


Explore Buffalo’s History and Murals on a Pedal Tour Adventure

Are you ready for an unforgettable journey through the vibrant streets of Buffalo, NY, where history meets art in the most exciting way possible? Look no further! Join us on a pedal tour like no other, where you’ll pedal your way through the city’s rich history and feast your eyes on stunning murals adorning its walls.

 A Unique Experience Awaits

Get ready to embark on a two-hour adventure filled with laughter, learning, and exploration. Our pedal tour is not your average sightseeing trip – it’s a lively, interactive experience that brings the past to life in a fun and entertaining manner. As you pedal along with your group on our multi-person party bike, you’ll discover fascinating tidbits about Buffalo’s most famous residents, including the visionary Michael Shea, the hospitality magnate Ellsworth Statler, and the trailblazing architect Mary Louisa Blanchard Bethune.

Pedal, Learn, and Laugh

Our tours are designed to ensure that every moment is engaging and enjoyable. Say goodbye to boring history lessons – our guides are experts at weaving together facts and gossip in a way that will keep you entertained from start to finish. From the iconic Guaranty Building by Louis Sullivan to the Market Arcade Building by E. B. Greene, you’ll marvel at Buffalo’s architectural gems and hear the stories behind their creation.

Capture Memories at Every Turn

Don’t forget your camera! Our tour includes stops at the Cobble Stone Mural District, where you’ll be surrounded by awe-inspiring artwork curated by the AKG Art Museum. Take a break from pedaling, strike a pose, and capture unforgettable moments against the backdrop of these stunning murals.

Sip, Snack, and Socialize

What’s a tour without refreshments? Feel free to bring along your favorite beverages and snacks – alcoholic or non-alcoholic – to enjoy during the ride. Need a caffeine boost? We’ll make a brief stop at Spot Coffee on Delaware Avenue, where you can refuel and recharge before continuing your adventure.

Perfect for Groups and Newcomers

Whether you’re looking for a unique team-building activity or you’re new to Buffalo and eager to explore, our pedal tour is the perfect choice. Bond with your colleagues, make new friends, and create lasting memories as you pedal through the heart of this dynamic city.

Book Your Pedal Tour Today

Ready to experience Buffalo’s history and murals in a whole new way? Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind adventure! Book your pedal tour now and get ready to pedal, learn, laugh, and explore with us. See you on the bike!


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