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Corporate Outings & Team Building in Buffalo NY with Buffalo Pedal Tours


Pedal Tours Corporate Tours!

Are you searching for a unique and engaging way to foster stronger bonds among your team or show off Buffalo to your clients? Look no further! Our Pedal Tours Corporate Tour offers the perfect blend of team building activity, networking, and pure fun. We will also take lots of group phtos for your group to share!

Why Choose a Buffalo Pedal Tours for your Corporate Team Building Activity?

1. From the Biggest Companies to small businesses after 9 years we have taken them all out. They had fun and so will yours! Something fun we have seen on prior tours is organizers asking for everyones favorite songs and putting them on the playlist you will play off our bluetooth speaker. Then you make a guessing game of whose favorite song was just on, whoever gets the most right wins a small prize. 

2. Breweries and Distilleries Experience: Immerse your team or clients in a curated selection of the finest breweries and distilleries Buffalo has to offer. Places we stop at include Resurgence BrewerySouthern Tier Brewery and Hofbräuhaus Buffalo  Enjoy tastings, learn about local craft creations, and savor the flavors of the region—all while pedaling your way to the next destination.

3. Casual Networking Environment: Break down professional barriers in a relaxed setting! The pedal bike provides an informal and enjoyable environment, fostering natural conversations and connections among team members or clients.

4. Flexibility for Large Groups: We have four bikes. Each pedal taverns accommodates up to 15 people, making it an ideal option for team outings or client entertainment. For larger groups, multiple bikes can be rented, ensuring everyone can join in on the adventure.

How It Works:

1. Choose Your Route: Customize your corporate tour by selecting a route that aligns with your team’s interests. Whether it’s a focus on breweries, distilleries, or a mix of both, we’ve got the perfect route for your group.

2. Pick The Type Of Tour- from bar crawls to food tours to history tours we have something for your group. You can even do a bar and history tour, you control what the group does!

3. Book Your Date: Secure your preferred date and time online. Our team will ensure a seamless booking process, making it easy for you to plan an unforgettable corporate outing.

Book Your Pedal Tours Corporate Team Building Activity Today!


The bike can take up to 15. The base rate of $349.99 for weekday trips for a group of up to 10 guests. Book up to five more for only $34.99 a person. Lock in tour trip with a $199.99 deposit. No need to firm up the head count until a few days from your trip.

Ready to take your team building or client entertainment to the next level? Book a Pedal Tours Corporate Tour and watch your relationships strengthen in a fun and unconventional way. Cheers to fostering connections, creating memories, and experiencing the city in a whole new light.

Contact us to discuss your corporate tour needs, and let’s pedal towards success together! Don’t miss out on this innovative and exciting opportunity for team building and client engagement.

Buffalo Pedal Tours is Ready to

Our experienced trip coordinators are here ready to help. We have done thousands of trips and are ready to share our tips with you. Our goal is to make your event special and easy to put together. Hold the date with a $199 deposit per bike. The balance paid 30 days before your trip.


We can take groups from 8 to 60.


Some groups wear their corporate gear and put a banner on the party bike or boat. Others keep it discreet. You select the music, it’s as easy as connecting to our Bluetooth sound system. You can bring your own food and canned beverages (limits apply) on the bike and boats.

Call or text us at 716-984-3834 to learn more about our special packages, bachelorette parties, and upcoming offerings or book using the button below!


Sit back and spend some time visiting with the people in our collection of trip memories. In these photos you will feel the fun that that is experienced on our bike trips.

The pictures will also give you ideas of foods to enjoy and signs to create to make your unique trip.

In these photos you will see that our bikes all sorts of groups including families, friends and coworkers.

They are enjoyed by the folks of all ages. We are confident your trip’s photo will fit in nicely in our gallery.


Planning a trip can be stressful. It takes time and effort. We welcome you to use our FAQ pages as a quick resource for answers about our bike trips.

There you will find out where the trips start, what to can and can not bring to drink, what the the trips cost and answers to lots of other questions.

If you prefer to speak to a live person to get an answer or run by some ideas we are always available to answer questions on the phone and email 24/7

We are here to help you make planning fun and easy.

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