Confessions of a Buffalo Pub Crawl Driver 3

Confessions of a Pub Crawler Driver 3Buffalo was alive this weekend. There was a great amount of people in town for weddings, the Buffalo Marathon and those great out-of-towners making day trips to Buffalo. With all the excitement, it really made for a super cool weekend downtown.

Most people that live in Buffalo are familiar with our operation by now, so for all these tourists, it was a big deal to see the “Pub Crawler” out and they were full of questions.

I received questions like, “What is this?” and even had wedding parties taking photos on board.

The Big Ditch Brewery Experience

With Big Ditch Brewery now open, it adds another dimension to our tours with guests meeting up there ahead of time having a frosty beverage or two, then stepping outside onto the pub crawler. All of our guests raved about the brewery and the vast majority of groups stopped back in after their tours.

Pub Crawler Showed Off The Red, White & BlueConfessions of a Pub Crawler Driver 3

The patriotism displayed by Pub Crawler riders ranging from flags to shirts, and jewelry, gave the Pub Crawler an awesome look this weekend. I wish this type of patriotism was shown every day, I can’t wait until the 4th of July now!

One of our guests had a GoPro and he set it up front to tape his tour, the footage was amazing. I wish I could share it, but it was a private time with friends and I am sure they wouldn’t want the video making the rounds on social media.

Recommendation for future Buffalo Pedal Tour guests: If someone in your group has a GoPro Camera make sure they bring it!

If you’d like to see a side of the Queen City like you’ve never seen before or visit the special places in glorious style, schedule your tour here today!

Just a friendly reminder as well, we love Buffalo and WNY so much, be on the lookout for our new pedal tour bus at Rochester Pedal Tours. We want you to expect the same type of expert service and fun from the Rochester Pedal Tours as you’ve seen in Buffalo, just in another great, well established city in New York!

Until next time,

Philip Szal

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