Confessions of a Pub Crawler Driver 2

Confessions of a Pub Crawler Driver 2This past weekend was really exciting for Buffalo Pedal Tours. One of the tours we had, included a bachelorette party to Encore. Outside of the bar, a bunch of the Buffalo Bills’ players walked by and were checking out the party bus.

They found the tours to be an interesting concept and I ended up handing out cards to them.

When I was in the bar later in my hoodie (after work), I was pulled aside by a certain star player who ask me, “Hey, you’re the guy with the bar on wheels right?” We get to talking and I give him the spiel about how the pedal bus works and he ended up booking a tour. Major cool points there!

Tours Running On Schedule

When we started this business, the number one problem I imagined was tour members spending too long in the bars, throwing off the schedule. I am very proud to report that all my groups have been prompt about being on time. The simple, “Hey guys its 2:30 now I need to have you guys back here at 3.” has sufficed; I have never even had to shoot a text to the group leader to hurry everyone up.

Be Prepared For The Beautiful Buffalo Weather

The weather this last weekend was absolutely splendid and that made for the tours to be extra special. We always tell people to make sure to wear sneakers, not sandals, and I can’t stress that enough. Make sure you bring some water too, for when the weather is hot out.

The funny story of the weekend had to be when a random passerby on the street tried to jump on a bachelorette party Friday night. Though I understood his excitement, I had to politely explain to him that wasn’t proper pedal tour etiquette and that he shouldn’t try that again.

Friendly Tour Tip: It’s cool if you are out and you see a friend, inviting them on board and they sign the waiver, but jumping on the bike while it’s moving is not good for the party and is a party foul.

Remember if you’d like to enjoy a side of the Nickel City that you’ve never seen before or visit your old favorites in glorious style, schedule your tour here today!

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