Confessions of a Pub Crawler Driver

Confessions of a Pub Crawler DriverPeople always ask me for some of the crazy stories that I have from all the tours I take out. Believe me there are tons… my favorite stories aren’t about the riders necessarily but are about the reactions people give when they see the “pub crawler”.

Older folk seem to have the hardest time comprehending what they are seeing. Looks of “WTF!” are by far the most common, and seeing people stick their heads out the window of a vehicle to get a second look is the norm.

A common misconception is people saying, “oh cars must hate that you are driving slow…”, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Car drivers and passengers love to take photos, cheer on the riders and high five the guests.

The Bachelorette Game Via Pub Crawler

My favorite story has to do with the woman who wanted to rent the pub crawler and invite 14 dates on, then eliminate them until she was left with one rider (suitor).

The plan didn’t come to fruition because you need a minimum of eight people pedaling to complete a tour, but I salute her for the ingenuity and willing to rent the pub crawler to make her game show like “dream” come true.

Pedal Tour LifeBuffalo Pedal Tour Pub Crawler

Obviously riders get wild and have a good time on board, especially when there’s a solid bell ringer. We can play music and sometimes passengers like using the middle area catwalk as a dance floor. Unfortunately, I don’t get to catch the all the dance party action because I am keeping my eyes on the road.

The Snapchat stories and videos that people show me after make me wish I was taking part in the party aboard.

As a driver, one of the more unique things to see is when tour riders bring food for the ride. A Sunday night tour a few weeks back, had a picnic at Canalside with a five-course feast, which was a super cool idea.

Ultimately, my favorite part of the trip is when we are finishing up and we drive by Tappo Restaurant. Everyone on board the pub crawler starts cheering, ringing the bell, and everyone at Tappo erupts, starts yelling and cheering back!

Those seven seconds are the highlight of my day.

This summer is going to be amazing! I look forward to sharing stories from what is sure to be an eventful season, driving tours.


Philip Szal

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