Fall Tours

We are truly lucky to have had such a beautiful summer. Our summer months were busier than we ever dreamed they would be. The Fall is a super time too! Fall can be the perfect temperature. A warm coat, gloves and pedaling will keep you very comfortable.  The trees were gorgeous this Fall and the Halloween party at the Witches Ball was epic! While we will put 2 bikes away for the winter in December(the RiverWorks ones) we will keep the 15 seat bike at the Big Ditch Brewery operating year round. As long as we don’t have salt and slush on the ground, we will go out touring. Trust us when we say we won’t let the cold scare US out of doing a tour. It was 15 degrees went we did tours at the Larkin Winter Festival in January! We will bring the 2 bikes out for St Patrick’s Day. Don’t forget you can purchase a gift certificate on our website! We are accepting 2016 reservations so make sure you get the day and time you want. Thanks for a great year Buffalo we look forward to being part of your special time with family and friends.

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