Have An Unparalleled Thanksgiving Experience With A Buffalo Pedal Tour

Have An Unparalleled Thanksgiving Experience With A Buffalo Pedal TourIt’s the Thanksgiving holiday week.

There’s football to watch, family and friends from out of town to catch up with, and Black Friday shopping to consider.

As you start to cook your turkey, mashed potatoes, corn and pumpkin pies this week, all your friends and family are coming into Buffalo to help you consume the delicious food.

Entertaining your guests with food is easy, but if you are looking for another activity to enjoy in-between the onset of a Turkey Tryptophan coma, perhaps it’s time to consider something unequaled in experience.

Looking for a reason to jump on the Buffalo Pedal Tour and haven’t found the right moment to do so? Have An Unparalleled Thanksgiving Experience With A Buffalo Pedal Tour

It’s getting colder in Buffalo, but don’t let that deter you from going out on the pedal tour for an extraordinary ride around town.

Have a fun get together that you and all your Thanksgiving guests will all be able to participate in.

Stay warm by cycling on the streets (from our experience you will be warmer than those pedestrians you’ll cruising by).

Plus the quicker you get to each stop the more time you’ll have to be inside as well.

The upcoming weather for this holiday week in Buffalo looks favorable with ideal conditions to get your private tour moving all weekend.

And if you are still searching for fun activities after turkey day to do with your guests, you can book a pedal tour for this weekend after Thanksgiving too.

Don’t forget to book your upcoming holiday pedal tour parties and if you’d like to give the gift of Buffalo pedal tour to someone you care for, we can help.

Buffalo Pedal Tours is the perfect way to celebrate all holidays or special events with friends, family, coworkers, or fellow residents of Buffalo.

Utilize one pedal bus or if you have an extended family in town, we have the ability to accommodate 43 guests with three exceptionally well-built pedal buses.

Schedule your tour now and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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