Haven’t Been To Canalside? Explore The Waterfront In A Different Way

Haven't Been To Canalside? Explore The Waterfront In A Different WayIt’s the renaissance! Buffalo’s changing in some many great ways – downtown is flourishing, tourism is on the rise and it’s been a revival to the city and its citizens. Canalside in particular has a whole new look, and has become a large part in the revitalization of our amazing city. The waterfront is where many new attractions are popping up where before there was nothing, and no one benefits from this type of change more than you! Yes, you.

The specific changes to Canalside means that you get to experience new things you didn’t know existed and explore the historical parts in new light.

What’s Popping At Canalside?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the newest premier waterfront destinations for entertainment, then here’s an education of just a few of the attractions available.

Riverworks – Four bars, restaurant, two outdoor ice rinks, 5,000 person entertainment venue and more. Something cool is always happening here.

Erie Canal Harbor – This is not only a historical part of Buffalo, but now has a new look. Stare out at beautiful view of the water overlooking Lake Erie or participate in many of the new and activities scheduled throughout the year.

Templeton Landing – Community favorite, with the largest waterfront patio, delicious food and bar to compliment its view offerings. Templeton Landing has a casual environment with a hometown feel.

Worried you can’t visit all these super places all in one night? Want to bring your friends but don’t have a vehicle big enough or afraid you won’t find parking?

Well there’s a solution to those problems. Buffalo Pedal Tours! We offer a Canalside Waterfront Tour that starts at Riverworks and ends at Templeton Landing. All the fun is the travel inbetween. With two new pedal busses you can bring your friends, local or out-of-towners, and let them share in the adventure.

Book your tour today or for more information, contact us today!

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