In Buffalo, The Weather Is Changing But We Stay The Same

The Weather Is Changing But We Stay The SameAround the city, we can tell the weather is changing. The snow is melting and grass is growing, and we are starting the transition from winter into spring.

That means all those in Buffalo who like to hibernate during the winter months are going to come out of their houses, put on their adventure shoes, and look to do some activities that they didn’t want to do while it was cold out.

Activities like finding delicious foods at Larkin’s Food Truck Tuesdays, playing pool or ping-pong at Canalside, or catching a Buffalo Bison’s game at Coca-Cola Field.

There are even opportunities now to go out and get some exercise without the worry of slipping on ice.

You can work on stretching those legs by walking around Delaware Park, kayaking on the river or riding a bike down the Tifft Nature Preserve.

Speaking of riding a bike, did you know that Buffalo Pedal Tours is a great way to not only satisfy that urge to get out, be active and exercise but also can show you different ways to explore the great city of Buffalo?

Buffalo Pedal Tours – Operating All Year Round

It’s true that even though the winter slowed down some citizens of the Queen City, we still kept going.

And with spring breathing life back into the area, that means there will be more activities to entertain yourself with.

Buffalo Pedal Tours can be the activity that you’ve wanted to do all along and if you are feeling frisky, you can book multiple times a year, for all sorts of occasions.

For instance, we have pub crawls starting at Big Ditch Brewery and cruising around downtown Buffalo at your leisure.

Want to check out the famous architecture? Buffalo’s rich history and heritage are on a 360 degree full display when you are in the open air of the pedal bus.

Would you rather check out the waterfront instead? No problem we got you covered there as well, with our Canalside – Riverworks tour.

With any of these tours, you don’t have to go alone, bring as many friends and family you can as we have four state-of-the-art pedal buses to accommodate your needs.

Business is about to pick up and we won’t leave you behind. Book your tour by calling 716-984-3834 today!

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