Looking For A Last Minute Gift? Give The Gift Of Pedal Tour!

Looking For A Last Minute Gift? Give The Gift Of Pedal Tour!Holiday times are here and we all want to give that special person or persons in our life a gift that will stand out, making them know we think they are special. Tablets, jewelry, and books are all gifts that we can give any time of the year.

We have an idea for a gift that can really make the recipient smile. Give the gift of the pedal tour from your friends here at Buffalo Pedal Tours!

Haven’t been on a pedal tour, or want to have someone else that is dear to your heart to experience the awesome adventure you had while riding on the pedal bus?

With our gift certificates, our passengers can float around Buffalo, going from bar-to-bar or check out the new scenery at the Canalside waterfront!

As a rider of Buffalo Pedal Tours, you can decorate the famous 15-person pedal pub crawler, pick your favorite riding music, and of course, bring your favorite food and beverages.

Each gift certificate order comes in a festive, colorful envelope with a rack card that describes the types of trips around Buffalo that we offer.

You can order for any amount and the gift certificate can be applied towards any trip.

Getting the gift certificate is easy. Click here or give us a call at 716-984-3834.

Make someone happy and give the gift of the pedal tour this year, and our gift will be sent to the address you request the next day. So what are you waiting for, New Years?!

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