Pedal Power: A Guide to Preparing for Your Pedal Tour Adventure

Embarking on a pedal bike tour is an exhilarating adventure, promising scenic views, cultural experiences, and memories to last a lifetime. To ensure you make the most of your pedal-powered journey, it’s crucial to come prepared. In this guide, we’ll share essential tips on dressing appropriately, securing your belongings, adjusting your bike, and listening to crucial instructions from your guide.

Dress for Success:
Before you hit the pedals, consider your attire. Leave those high heels and boots at home, as they can make pedaling a challenge. Opt for closed-toe sneakers that provide comfort and stability. Dressing in layers is advisable, especially on warm days when the physical activity of pedaling can quickly warm up your body. Remember, comfort is key for an enjoyable ride.

Secure Your Belongings:
Pedaling through the city streets, you’ll want to ensure your personal items stay with you throughout the tour. Be mindful of where you place your wallet, as the constant motion of pedaling may cause it to slip out of your back pocket unnoticed. Consider using a small wristlet or small purse. This is a two hour tour there is not need to bring a bulky backpack, as space is limited on the bike. Secure your cell phone in a safe spot to prevent it from slipping off when navigating unavoidable potholes.

Adjust Your Bike Seat:
To make your ride smoother and more enjoyable, take a moment to adjust your bike seat properly. Ensure that the seat is adjusted so that your lower leg is straight when the pedal is at its lowest point. This simple adjustment will make pedaling easier and reduce the risk of discomfort during the tour. Your guide will be more than happy to assist.

Listen to Instructions:
Just like the pre-flight instructions before a plane trip, our guides will provide essential instructions to ensure your safety and the smooth flow of the tour. Listen attentively, ask questions if needed, and follow the guidelines to make your experience enjoyable and stress-free.

Prepare Your Documents:
Before you hop on your bike, remember to bring your state-issued ID and a signed waiver. It’s essential for our records and your safety. Leave any drinks in glass containers at home, and if you plan to decorate your bike, use paper painter’s tape – plastic tape can damage the bike’s surface.

Charge Your Phone:
Don’t forget to charge your phone before the tour! We make stops at murals and other picturesque spots, giving you the perfect opportunity to capture the moment and create lasting memories.

We are thrilled that you’ve chosen to embark on a pedal bike tour with us! By following these simple guidelines, you’re not only ensuring your safety but also guaranteeing a more enjoyable and memorable experience. Get ready to pedal through the city, soak in the sights, and create unforgettable moments on your pedal tour adventure! We look forward to showing you a fantastic time!

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