Planning for the perfect birthday party

How to plan a super birthday party

They will be jealous…..he planned the perfect party for you!

Hey folks! Giving your girl a super party seems overwhelming. Not something you did before, but you want to make it special.  A memory she will talk about and that will not just impress her, but her parents, friends and coworkers.

Do not worry all you need to do is follow my instructions. We have done tons tours and are the experts.

Your girl or guy has seen our bikes all over town EVERYBODY was seen the laughing, singing and smiling that our passengers experience. So your girl has an idea in her head that her experience should be like. She will expect nothing less, it will disappoint her. 

Your goal should be to make sure she KNOWS she is special and you thought of all the things that prove that you know her and took the time to get the things to the bike that day.

Trust me doing so won’t be expensive, it won’t be hard to find stuff and it won’t take hours and hours to get it together.

First return the text your guide will sent you a week before. They are great and love helping you before and during and after the tour. They also take excellent pictures! You and the guide MUST work together to keep the party running smoothly.

Confirm with her/your friends how they will get downtown. Uber and Lift trips downtown don’t cost much. You can divide the cost on multiple cards. Use the Buffalo Pedal Tours code for a discount. BUFFALOPEDALTOUR

You don’t need to worry about somebody driving that shouldn’t and ride share will eliminate the need to drive around for a parking spot.

Also plan a decorating committee. Ask some friends to help you. Have them put the decorations on the bike so you can attend to other tasks at the bike. Make sure to bring painters tape, a 24” x 36” poster board from Dollar Tree or Target. Scissors and marker so everyone can write the name on her sign, like a big birthday card for all of downtown to see.  No scotch tape or duck tape. Let me repeat do not use scotch tape or duck tape. That stuff is really hard to remove and wrecks the finish on the bike. Blow up the balloons and put them is a plastic bag to bring. Or go to Dollar Tree and buy five colorful helium balloon. Cost…a buck a balloon. Just make sure you hold on the balloons not the strings when you leave the store. They may blow away!

Brings a SMALL COOLER. You are not going to Allegheny for a week. Half the case will be empty when you get on the bike and open up the first drink. Two 12 ounce cans a person. 12 people=24 cans. 15 people=30 cans.  Bring bottled water too on hot days. No glass bottles, flasks or hard liquor. No wine boxes. We will check your cooler and take anything over the limit. Remember we take to 2-3 bars too.

Music, use Spotify or Pandora. If you don’t have Spotify Premium well just sign up for the 30 day free trial the day of the trip. The object is to……PLAY her music. It’s her party, not yours. Also charge up your phone before you get on the bike. Your phone will connect to the sound system by BLUETOOTH.

Food? Well what does SHE like to eat? Keep it simple and easy to eat. You are always holding on the bike when it’s moving. Popular foods include. Potato chips, pretzels on a string necklace. Hummus and corn chips. A desert?  Not a cake> too big, hard to cut and serve. Bring cupcakes in a plastic container. Hey, have your decorating committee help with this task too. Plan to take a quick break while driving from the second to third bar to sing happy birthday and eat the cake.  Before the cake ask everyone to listen. Start by telling everybody about  you special girl then stating the happy birthday song to play. You can find it on Spotify and save it to your playlist. After the song give a special shout out to the members of your committee. You will need them to help clean and get the decorations off the bike at the end.

How do I know how to make cool poster??? You may and a talented person in that committee, don’t be afraid to ask. You can also see samples on our FB page.

The party is over. Your girl/friend/dad is so happy. Now doesn’t it feel good to make someone happy? Enjoy the trip. Please write a review on Yelp Google Plus or Trip Advisor telling people about our blogs and how you enjoyed your trip with us! Cheers! Ken

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