Pro Tips- Crash Course For A Great Trip

It is the organizer’s responsible to make sure their guests know the limits for consumption on the bike. We count your drinks before you get to the bike. If the number is over two cans per person you will be total to store it in your car, or in the bushes.  We strongly recommend drinking out of a can or the plastic wine bottle. Drinks in cups spill easily when we hit a bump. Sweet smells attract bees. The alcohol policy is that you can bring two 12 ounce cans of beer or two 6 ounce plastic bottles of white wine (red wine stains) on the bike to drink while you are pedaling. Your local liquor store has the bottles close to the check out. No glass, liquor, jello shots and mixed drinks in water bottles. Ciders, Bud Light, a Rita’s, Spiked Seltzers and other items sold at your grocery store are allowed to be brought.  We have to respect the open container laws in the city. Beer on the bike stays on the bike, beer in the bar stays in the bar.  Your guide will be checking your cooler/backpacks to see that the number of bottles matched the number of adult riders. Any beverages above the limit will be stored in the “BEER JAIL” until your trip ends. Growlers and boxed wine are not allowed.

  Size does matter, due to spacing constraints on the floor of the bike bring one cooler. On the hot days don’t forget the water, because better tastes better when pedaling and drinking, nothing will taste better then some cold Buffalo water. When we leave your last bar to head back we will have everyone dispose of any unfinished drinks and food, kinda like when your plane is getting ready to land.

Some people bring snacks for your group to munch on. A bag of chips or pretzels is enough. Do not bring a lot. Most the the food brought on goes untouched. Bring foods you can eat with one hand as you hold always hold on to the bar for your safety.



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