Reading Our Blog Entries = Best Pedal Tour Experience Possible

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog entries. We put time into writing these blogs because we want to make sure your group has as much fun as possible. We have learned from experience that if you read the blog entries, it will help instruct you & your group on how to have an amazing experience. We convey everything about the tour to the person who books the trip. From there it is up to the organizer to pass it on to the group. We instruct the organizer to forward the confirmation email to the group because it says where to be, at what time, how to dress, what to pack, what you can and cannot do. We will call your tour organizer before your tour, to walk you through the day of the tour. This includes: where to park, what route you want to take, decorating, what to wear and much more. From there it is up to the organizer to let the group know everything.

Pro Tips:

  • Have each person in your group complete the electronic waiver attached to your confirmation e-mail. You may also print out the waivers and bring them with you. 
  • Bring wristlet type purses versus large designer bags. You only need to bring your license, credit cards and/or cash for the tour. 
  • Bring warm clothes to put on in case you get cold. 
  • Make sure you bring some type of food, snacks, appetizers or candy to munch on during the tour.
  • We provide a speaker which has bluetooth capabilities so no need to bring a speaker or aux cord.
  • We can assist with taking your photos & will help with posing everyone. 
  • Don’t overdecorate. For example: no need to bring 10 balloons, 4  birthday banners, 3 color streamers. See Decorating Blog
  • If someone is running late they can meet us at the first bar so they won’t hold up the group.
  • Any food or drink you bring on the bike must stay on the bike. Any drinks bought in the bar must be consumed in the bar.
  • Don’t forget to tip your driver. 

Don’t Tips:

  • Do not bring glass bottles or containers.
  • Do not steal glasses from the bar.
  • Do not leave your cell phone or wallet in your pants pocket and risk it falling out on the street.
  • Make sure to pay attention to the driver during the pre tour speech for your safety.
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