Two Pedal Tour Groups Are Better Than One

Two Pedal Tour Groups Are Better Than One!Buffalo is the City of Good Neighbors and it is quite possible you are one of those good neighbors. You could be that person who has a lot of friends, always the life of the party and always looking to share that fun with your large group of friends.

If you’re the planning person of the group, who has been looking for a fun new adventure to share in with all your friends, you might have even been looking to book a tour with Buffalo Pedal Tours. But perhaps you were afraid to leave some of your friends out, for fear that you wouldn’t be able to fit them all in on one tour.

Not to be one to leave anyone out, 14 spots could be filled easily but then you would have people in your group missing out on the unique and entertaining tour of the city.

Well, now we have the solution to your problem!

Not One, Not Two, But Three Pedal Tour Buses If You Want!

You say that you want to have 28 of your cool friends party on the tour, we can handle that. 43 people want to take a tour of the city together in style? Buffalo Pedal Tours can handle that too!

Buffalo Pedal Tours has not one, not two, but three amazing pedal tour buses that can help you and your group of friends travel around Buffalo in style if you want.

Recently we had two groups from Riverworks meet another group at Big Ditch Brewing Company, where they all biked to Soho on Chippewa for the largest pub crawl in Buffalo yet, 43 people.

Now there’s nothing stopping you from booking a tour with a big group of your finest friends! Buffalo Pedal Tours wants to show you a good time in a new way, contact us today for more information!

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