What To Wear On Your Pedal Tour

This varies season to season but dressing properly does make a difference. No matter the season please make sure everyone wears sneakers, it does not matter if your sandals have backs to them. We want to protect your toes because the pedals move when the bike moves and we do not want the pedal to hit you on the foot.

Females dont wear a skirt or sundress, remember you are sitting on a bicycle seat it will be uncomfortable. Bring a wristlet versus a large purse because you only need your ID and cash. Many women have told us we should add to wear a sports bra. When it is really hot out where a tank top

Fall- During the day light hours the temperature is warm then when the sun goes down the temperature drops quickly so you can go from hot to cold quickly. Bring a hoodie for later in case you get cold, we have plenty of storage space on the bike to hold it for you.

Winter tours are some of the funnest tours you will go on, the biggest thing is to make sure you have gloves on and something covering your ears. Between the pedaling and drinking you will stay warm. During the winter it is common for people to leave coats on the bike while they go into the bar because they are warm.

Summer- everyone is thinking drink drink drink but make sure you do not forget the water. everyone will drink it and appreciate that you brought it. if you are coming from work bring a change of clothes to switch into. it is going to be hot out so be sure to wear things like tank tops and cut offs. DO NOT WEAR FLIP FLOPS or SANDALS we say this every step of the way because it is such an important thing so please make sure your group knows to do this.

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