How To Have A Bachelorette Party To Remember

Bachelorette Party

Are you or your maid of honor looking for fun and new ideas for an upcoming bachelorette party? Well here’s how you can do that and more, making the bachelorette party and night, one to remember. 5 Tips To Throw A Successful Bachelorette Party Select A Creative Bachelorette Party Theme – Find a creative theme […]

Fall Tours

We are truly lucky to have had such a beautiful summer. Our summer months were busier than we ever dreamed they would be. The Fall is a super time too! Fall can be the perfect temperature. A warm coat, gloves and pedaling will keep you very comfortable.  The trees were gorgeous this Fall and the […]

Confessions of a Pub Crawler Driver 2

Confessions of a Pub Crawler Driver 2

This past weekend was really exciting for Buffalo Pedal Tours. One of the tours we had, included a bachelorette party to Encore. Outside of the bar, a bunch of the Buffalo Bills’ players walked by and were checking out the party bus. They found the tours to be an interesting concept and I ended up handing […]

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